Health Quality Assurance

Kimberly R. Smoak
Deputy Secretary of Health Quality Assurance

2727 Mahan Drive, Mail Stop #2
Tallahassee, FL 32308
Phone: (850) 412-4516

The Division of Health Quality Assurance protects Floridians through oversight of health care providers. The Division is funded with more than $49 million in state and federal funds. Health Quality Assurance licenses and/or certifies and regulates 40 different types of health care providers, including hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and home health agencies. In total, the Division licenses, certifies, regulates or provides exemptions for more than 48,000 providers.

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Bureau of Central Services

Provides services and support to the other five bureaus within the Division of Health Quality Assurance. The Bureau of Central Services is comprised of four units: The Background Screening Unit, The Financial Analysis Unit, The Central Intake Unit, and the Training and Support Unit. These units are responsible for the receipt and distribution of all health care facility applications and associated fees; the background screening of facility owners, administrators, and personnel; the financial analysis of health care facilities; and the data support and training within the Division of Health Quality Assurance.

Bureau of Field Operations

Completes onsite surveys to determine compliance with state licensure requirements, but also compliance with federal certification requirements for certified facilities. View our map to find your local field office. Additionally, for facility complaints, visit the Complaint Administration Unit which is responsible for handling consumer complaints.

Bureau of Health Facility Regulation

Handles health care licensure, Medicare and Medicaid certification, and regulation for hospitals, ambulatory surgical centers, home health agencies, hospices, clinical laboratories, nursing homes, assisted living facilities and all other types of health care providers. The Bureau also includes the organ donor education/registry program, and commercial managed care programs, and is the location of the certificate of need (CON) program, which reviews applications for new facilities and certain specialized services at hospitals, nursing homes, hospices and intermediate care facilities for the developmentally disabled.

Bureau of Medicaid Program Integrity

The Office of Medicaid Program Integrity audits and investigates providers suspected of overbilling or defrauding Florida's Medicaid program, recovers overpayments, issues administrative sanctions, and refers cases of suspected fraud for criminal investigation. To report suspected Medicaid fraud, contact our hotline at 1-888-419-3456 or Complete a complaint form online.

Florida Center for Health Information and Transparency

The Florida Center for Health Information and Transparency (Florida Center) is responsible for collecting, compiling, analyzing and disseminating health related data. Promotes the adoption of electronic health record systems through health information exchange, electronic prescribing and personal health records software in partnership with health care stakeholders statewide. The Florida Center collects adverse incident reports from hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, HMOs, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities.

Office of Plans & Construction

Reviews and approves health care facilities' plans and specifications and surveys their construction.

Consumer Resources

Licensee/Provider Resources