Spotlight on Patient Education

Meaningful Use requires that eligible professionals use certified electronic health record technology (CEHRT) to identify patient-specific education resources and provide appropriate resources to the patient for more than 10% of unique patients.

CEHRTs use the patient’s problem list, medication list, or laboratory test results to identify clinically relevant educational resources for a specific patient. Additional information maintained within the patient record can also be used in the identification of educational resources.   In meeting this measure:

Audits have found that although providers may have a Meaningful Use report showing that the measure is met, they are unable to demonstrate that their CEHRT identified the educational resource.  Providers are encouraged to maintain supporting documentation (e.g. screen shot) showing your CEHRT suggesting educational resources for a patient.

Providers should work with their vendor to ensure they have an understanding of how their CEHRT generates the suggested educational resources and tracks compliance with this measure.

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2014 CEHRT Rule Finalized

Effective October 1, 2014, providers that have not been able to fully implement 2014 Certified Electronic Health Record Technology (CEHRT) technology will have additional reporting options when attesting for Program Year 2014. For details on the rule please see our Certification Flexibility Rule section.

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