Program Year 2014 Grace Period

The deadline to submit a Program Year 2014 application was June 30, 2015. There are over 1,500 applications to process, applications are being processed in the order which they were submitted. If an application was submitted toward the end of June, it will likely be six weeks or more before it can be reviewed.

Questions about program requirements or the application process can be directed to or to the EHR Call Center at 1-855-231-5472.

Program Year 2015 Applications

Providers can attest to Adopt, Implement, or Upgrade (AIU) or the initial 90 days of Stage 1 Meaningful Use for Program Year 2015.

Applications for the 2015 Program Year can be submitted for providers attesting to Adopt, Implement, Upgrade, or their first year of Meaningful Use. If attesting to Meaningful Use, please use the 2014 Stage 1 Additional Documentation form.

Notice of Proposed Rule Making

The comment periods for the Stage 3 Meaningful Use; 2015 Certification Criteria and the 2015 Modification rules has closed. Until such rules are finalized, there will be no Program or MAPIR application changes.

Upcoming Events

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